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Do you enjoy browsing or “picking” through old barns, old attics, or basements? Do you like strolling through the home furnishings department of your favorite department store?  Or, do you crave the excitement of the hunt as you seek to find a special collectible? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Sauer Furniture and Antiques is the store for you.

We have thousands of home furnishing items. Plus, we have all manner of used yard and garden goods. Everything is neatly displayed and fairly priced, in a clean, comfortable setting. We truly are a must shopping experience, if you are in Southeast Michigan.

It has been our family's priority, since 1954, to provide a good night's sleep for our customers. For over thirty years we have been selling new mattresses by Lady Americana, which are made in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We stock all sizes, and a dozen different firmness levels. Your choices include quilted innerspring mattresses, and memory foam.

We also offer you the opportunity to place special orders, from worldwide manufacturers, at lower prices. Order from companies such as Ashley Furniture, B&P Lamp Supply, Carolina Furniture Works, Ort Amish upholstery, Brooks, Bühler, Wesley Allen, Coaster, Null, and Sauder.

We serve Monroe, Ann Arbor, Downriver, Detroit, and Toledo ( for over 44 years).

 Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday                10 AM to 6 PM
Saturday                           10 AM to 5 PM


email: sauerfurniture@yahoo.com

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